The point of Diversitas is to be a simple platform for education and discussion. We believe that the diversity of humanity makes us stronger, not weaker. It is not our goal to tell people what or how to think but to simply expose one another to the variety and diversity of people so that we might gain understanding.

Diversitas is something like (but not exactly) the old public square where one could go and hear others speaking and at times, offer their own opinions, ask questions and ultimately enter into dialogue. In this sense it is a distinctly human endeavor.

The point of Diversitas is not only to offer a platform where we can all gather and hear about people we agree with. There will be times when you may hear a presentation that you wholly or in part, disagree with. Disagreement is not a bad thing…it is how we disagree that can be either good or bad.

With these things in mind it is our hope to do more of these events. We will be looking for some sponsorship to assist with small costs like snacks, venue rental, etc.

We are not a very organized organization – we are not a not-for-profit, we are not a registered charity. We are currently me, Peter Cantelon, and you – people who come to hear and participate.