Wab Kinew on Residential Schools

wab-kinewOn October 29 at 7 pm there will be a presentation on the Residential School system in Canada by Wab Kinew.

Wab Kinew (pron: WOB ka-NOO) was named by the National Post as “an aboriginal leader seeking to engage with Canadians at large”. He is the MLA for Fort Rouge in Manitoba and the author of the award winning Number 1 national bestseller “The Reason You Walk: A Memoir.” Wab is a former, host of the documentary series “8th Fire” and past host CBC’s Canada Reads literary competition. Wab is also an Honourary Witness for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. first Director of Indigenous Inclusion. He has been the Associate Vice-President for Indigenous Relations at The University of Winnipeg since 2014.

This is a FREE event which will take place in the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre’s Aquasaur Theatre. For more information visit http://www.Facebook.com/D1versitas or email info@diversitas.ca

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